Sick senior womanFor those that think cardiovascular disease is mostly a male disorder, think again. This is not the case. Part of the reason for this belief may come from statistics of younger people. When a woman is young, she has natural protection from cardiovascular problems. However, as women age, their risk factors for cardiovascular disease are the same as those for men. Also, it can more difficult to recognize heart attack symptoms in women over 60, as they can be very different from those associated with men.

Signs of Cardiovascular Problems

Women may sometimes feel very tired and run down. This tiredness may occur all throughout the day. It may not matter how much sleep that you get, you may still feel worn out, all of the time. Here are conditions that may signal the beginning of a myocardial infarction or heart attack.

1. You may experience difficulty in breathing. Also, you may get short of breath from minor activity. You may feel like you cannot get enough air in your system.

2. You may a very upset stomach. Nausea and vomiting may occur. It might be a feeling of nausea in the pit of your stomach.

3. Sometimes a woman may feel very weak and dizzy. She may begin to sweat a great deal. This can happen with a feeling of anxiety. This also may be accompanied with a sudden feeling of fatigue.

4. You may feel like someone is standing on your chest, and hindering your breathing. There may be a feeling of heaviness in the chest, also. The chest may feel like it is tight or constricted.

5. You might have back pain. It might be a burning sensation in the back. This sensation may move up into the shoulder blade area.

6. Pain may be experienced in the arm, neck, or jaw. Sometimes it may be in the jaw, and also in the arm pit and extend into the arm. This may accompany chest pain, also.

7. The most dangerous signs are those that are not recognized. A woman may not experience any apparent signs of trouble. This happens more commonly in women than in men. A woman can experience what appears to be mild symptoms, but actually a more serious condition may exist.

What to Do

As a woman may sometimes be unaware of these problems, she should pay closer attention to signs that something is wrong. If you believe that you are having a heart attack, it is very important to get help, as soon as possible. Here is what you should consider doing.

1. Call for emergency help. In most cases, this means a 911 call for assistance. Tell the operator what is happening, and that you need immediate help.

2. If you are not taking blood thinning medication, protect yourself from further damage by taking an aspirin as soon as possible. If you chew the aspirin, it will get into your system quicker. This helps to dissolve blood clots that may be blocking your arteries.

3. If you are not far from an emergency room, go there as soon as possible. It is never a good idea to drive yourself. Sometimes people may become disoriented or pass out, and this can make things much worse while driving.


Heart attack symptoms in women over 60 may sometimes be very subtle. In fact, they may be almost unnoticeable. If you think you are in trouble, get immediate help, as this may save your life. Modern day medicine can help you, but you need to have medical care as soon as possible. Also, see your doctor about your risks for heart disease. He or she can help you prevent these things from occurring.