For the most part having a heart attack is a serious matter indeed and a person should always get themselves checked for the cause and then work towards controlling it as well. Causes of heart attacks include many different things such as the food a person eats, the kind of life style that a person leads and many other things that make a person feel weak and also is not sufficient enough to give a person proper nutrition as well as proper dose of proteins and stuff.

That is the main cause that these days people at odd ages of life have now also begun to suffer and experience sever heart attacks at times when they least expect it as well as being perfectly healthy and still end up having one. It is not uncommon these days for a young person at the prime age of 39 to 40 could have a heart attack and still be in good health and shape.

Our lifestyles and our diets have become such that makes us put on a lot of weight but doesn’t make us actually get healthy inside and that is why most people are suffering from many illnesses. When a person has a heart attack it can be of many kinds as well. A massive heart attack is one which has extreme symptoms and at times the result can be death or something more fatal and taxing to a person’s health.

The most common symptom of a massive heart attack is:

Heart failure: this is when the heart completely stops and seizes this is a very fatal symptom and yet it is a common one as well. One can only survive or rescue this condition if get a medical assistance on time, other wise things can go from bad to worst in no time.

The rescuers make sure that your heart start beating like a normal man or they carry on giving you a treatment until they feel that you are out of danger now. This is also known as cardiac arrest and can occur to almost anyone at anytime with no prior warning. So if your eating habits and life style is not healthy, be ready for such kind of a circumstance at any point in your life.

There are many people who have had another very massive heart attack symptom and that is a stroke. Due to the heart arresting the blood gets thick and causes big clots, which consequently stop or resist the normal blood flow to or away from your heart, which could lead to very fatal damages to a person.

These are amongst the most common as well as the most dangerous massive heart attack symptoms.